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Diving Watches - 200m to 300m Water Resistance

Looking for a divers watch? Check out our huge range, we have hundreds of rugged diving watches for both men and women.

These days divers watches are available in all manor of styles and finishes including classically styled watches that wouldn't look out of place in a restaurant or the office, yet perfectly safe to wear in the pool or even while doing an extreme water sport.

Divers watches are built to a higher standard to withstand the pressures they will face in deep water conditions, and typically have sapphire crystal lenses (ultra tough shatter and scratch resistant glass), screw down case backs (with rubber seal on the inside) and screw down crown depending on there design and price point.

If your looking for a men's or ladies divers watch, your at the right place. We have a huge choice on offer in virtually all styles from dress watches to thoroughbred sports watches. If your looking for a diving watch, you will obviously be intending to use it in water often. So how do you pick the right model for your use? A good starting point would be to take look at our 'Water Resistance Explained' table which can be found at the top of our 'Water Resistance Guide' page. By looking at this table you will no what minimum ATM or meter rating you will need, depending on what you intent to use the watch for. This should then limit your choice to more suited models, after that the choice will be down to style of divers watch, extra functions and of course price point.

Below we have some more tips on choosing the correct model, including strap suggestions and general maintenance.

Which Men's or Women's Divers Watch Is For You?

Men's Divers Watches
If your going to be using the watch frequently in water we recommend you pick a rubber strap or stainless steel men's divers watch, both materials are easy to clean and are not susceptible to water damage as easy as say leather. It is particularly important to clean your watch after use in the sea, the salt can attack the stainless steel if left unwashed. For casual use a leather strap model will be fine, just be sure to give the leather a leather treatment (polish) which will help protect it against water damage.

We also suggest having your gents diving watch serviced every 12 months when using it regularly in water, the seals may be worn and will require replacing to keep your watch in tip top condition.

This page is made up of men's and ladies diving watches with a 200m (20ATM) to 300m (30ATM) water resistance, both are perfect for swimming, diving (without aids), scuba diving and impact water sports (like surfing and jet skiing). For deep sea diving with a tank grab a men's 300m (30ATM) watch.

We have hundreds of men's divers watches available, in all manor of styles and finishes. For all water based activities excluding deep sea diving we have a wide choice available from Citizen, Casio, Timex, Nautica, Breil, Animal and Rotary. The men's Citizen diving watch collection probably offer you the biggest choice. The men's Citizen divers watches are high quality watches with eco-drive movements (no battery required), and depending on model would look great both in the sea and in the boardroom. The men's Casio diving watches are incredibly feature rich shock resistant sports watches which are great for most sporting activities not just water based. If you are looking for a serious selection of men's deep sea divers watches, your choice will be limited to Citizen or Bulova, both of which offering men's 300m (30ATM) models.

Ladies Divers Watches
We have women's divers watch by Animal, Casio, Citizen and Rotary, if your looking for a diving watch ideal for a smart dressy look start with the Citizen and Rotary collection. For a more feature rich divers watch look at Casio collection, for a casual look Animal is the place to look. The Casio ladies diving watches are also very versatile, most models have every conceivable feature you would ever need for a variety of different sports both on land and in the water.

Both Citizen and Rotary offers ladies watches ideal for diving but yet wouldn't look out of place on a special evening out. Both brands offer a 5 year to lifetime manufacturer's guarantee which goes to show just how well built these models are.

Again we recommend a stainless steel or leather strap model if your going to use your ladies diving watch regularly in water. Animal offer some fabric strap watches that are fine for frequent use, which are also incredibly strong. Please refer to our 'Watch Care Guide' for tips on how to clean your watch after use particularly in the sea as well as general servicing.

Official Diving Watch Retailer

All our diving watches are supplied direct to us by the manufacturer or its authorised UK distributor, so we can guarantee a genuine watch, with officially backed manufacturer's guarantee. All models are also dispatched from our warehouse exactly if you had visited our high street jewellers with manufacturer's display case and documents.

Please read the warranty fully on arrival, the manufacturer's always offer tips on cleaning the watch, general maintenance and of course how to use the watch. It is important to read it, because some watches for instance have push buttons and screw down crowns which must not be used while submerged in water as well as other information.