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Watches - What's Your Style?

If you already know which ladies or men's watch you want to buy, you should find it easier enough to find that model by using our search bar above, or selecting the correct brand from the left hand navigation. If your not sure which watch or watches are for you, feel free to read our department guide below for some helpful tips.

Start by selecting the gender (kid's, ladies or men's watches) in the left hand navigation filters, then you could break that down further by choosing a style like 'Classic' for instance. We have listed all watches for styles as follows: The 'Designer' department is made up of modern styled watches that have an average price of £80 and upwards, Fashion will list all watches that represent the latest styles and colours and have an average price of less than £80.00. The 'Diver's' department includes watches with a water resistance of between 200m and 300m water resistance which are ideal for all water based activities, all though for deep sea diving don't choose anything less than 300m. Our 'Luxury' watches department lists all timepieces with a minimum £300.00 price tag. All the other watch departments should be self explanatory, but don't hesitate to give us a call for extra information and advise.

The next step would be to choose a bracelet / strap material, below are the available options and the benefits and negatives of each one.


Bracelet / Strap Positives   Negatives

Leather Strap

Light, warmer initially, conforms well to the wrist and doesn't require re-sizing by a jeweller as most models have a buckle clasp fastening.


Leather strap need replacing every few years if the watch is worn regularly. Leather strap watches are not ideal for regular water based activities. If your work involves the use of chemicals this is not an ideal strap material.

Stainless Steel

Very strong and easy to clean.


Stainless steel bracelet watches are heavy and can be prone to scratches. They will also need re-sizing, luckily we provide a link removal service free of charge so we can make sure it arrives ready to wear. The material will also seem cold when you first put your watch on, but it will soon reflect your body temperature.

Ceramic Bracelet

Medium strength, easy to clean, warms up to body temperature quickly and scratch resistant.


Ceramic bracelet watches will need to be altered to fit your wrist, something we can do at no extra charge. The material is incredibly strong so ideal for daily wear.

Rubber Strap

Ideal for water based activities, easy to clean, conforms well to your wrist, light and strong.


Because Rubber strap watches conform so well to your wrist, they can make your wrist sweat in hot weather conditions; all though this could be said of any material if it is hot enough but more so with rubber. If you work with chemicals this is not the strap material to go for.

Titanium Bracelet

Strong but lighter than stainless steel.


Titanium bracelet watches are also made up of links which will no doubt need re-sizing before being worn. However it has the same good qualities as a stainless steel bracelet much is much lighter.


You should now be looking at watches that appeal more to you, but I expect there are still several hundred watches to choose from so the next thing would be to break them down by price, simply check all the boxes up to and including what you are willing to spend on your new watch. Watches are like anything else, you get what you pay for, all though saying that even the cheap watches these days are very durable and will last many years provided they are looked after well.

This should now leave you with a much more targeted and relevant list of watches, from here you can break it down even more by selecting your preferred case material, dial colour, display type and extra features if applicable.

We have thousands of men's, ladies and kid's wrist watches to choose from in all conceivable colours, shapes and sizes from simple to complicated there is a watch for all occasions and pursuits.

Official Watch Shop - Buy With Confidence

Buying watches online can catch some people out, it is important to buy your new watch from a reputable retailer like here at the British Watch Company. We are an official stockist for all of the brands we sell from our high street jewelers in Coventry and this website. This is more important than you may first think, buying a watch from unofficial sources could provide you with a few problems as follows: Most manufacturers if not all of them will not repair a watch under warranty if it has not been purchased from a recognized official store, the watch could be counterfeit, may have slightly different features and functions; for instance it could have been ordered in from outside of Europe so was meant for a different market place. The only benefit of buying a watch from unofficial stores is the price, they usually offer substantially reduced prices to tempt you into a purchase, but this could come back to haunt later if your watch should develop a fault or when you have your battery changed only to be informed you have a fake watch which all though you got cheaper was in fact a very bad deal indeed.

It is easier than you think to find a reputable watch dealer, once you have found a watch that suits your style and personality simply contact the manufacturer to double check the store you are buying your watch from is authorised to sell it. Most manufacturer's these days have there own website's where they list all the available and current models along with a list of official stockists in your country. They usually list all stores by address and or website URL, some may list companies by there company name which in our case is BWC Watches Ltd.

Buy Watches From BWC - Benefits

  • Official retailer - This means official manufacturer backed guarantees all documents and watch packaging
  • Free UK mainland shipping when you spend over £30.00
  • Free next day shipping on orders over £100.00
  • Free watch bracelet re-sizing service
  • Price match service available on request - We will beat any genuine price from another official UK stockist

We also offer discounted watches in our watch sale as well as offering general use discount codes which you can find under the 'Info' menu above, which could provide you with a high quality watch at a low value price.

We have been selling watches through our high street premises since 1978, so we have a lot of experience and knowledge and are able to full fill most orders very quickly and efficiently; you only have to check out the thousands of reviews we have received through places like Amazon to see this.

Our friendly customer service team are on hand between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm, so what ever your inquiry, give us a call or leave a message via our contact form.


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