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Warranty Information

For jewellery and most accessories the manufacturer's warranty only covers you against manufacturer defects that exist when you receive your item/s, because there are no moving parts or electronic functions. For more information on watch warranties please continue to read the rest of this page.

Authorised Dealers

British Watch Company are authorised to sell every brand available for purchase through the British Watch Company website. Your new watch will be delivered with an official manufacturer's warranty, which means it is a 100% authentic and genuine. If your watch develops a fault outside of our 30 day returns period, and is covered under the manufacturer's warranty you can send, or take it to an authorised repair centre for repair.

Please note: We highly recommend you keep all documents that you receive with your watch in a safe place, so you can refer to them later should a fault arise.

What does the manufacturer's warranty cover?

The manufacturer warranty provides you with cover against faults that are due to defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty length will depend on the brand of watch you purchased, please refer to the manufacturers booklet that was enclosed with your watch for full details.

What is not usually covered

Manufacturers warranties don't usually cover any of the following, that are as a result of general wear and tear and or misuse:

  • Shattered or scratched crystal glass
  • Broken bracelets or straps
  • Accidental damage
  • Excessive wear and tear or misuse
  • Water damage when not used inline with the manufacturers guidelines

Water resistance is commonly misunderstood, we strongly suggest you read our Water Resistance Guide for water resistance ratings and what they mean.

Other reasons:

  • If the watch has been opened or tampered with by a non authorized watch repairer

Please note: These are guidelines only, you should always read the manufacturers warranty booklet that arrived with your watch. British Watch Company does not take any responsibility or imply that the above information is accurate, you should always refer to the manufacturers booklet to make sure you're using your watch in line with the manufacturer's guidelines.

My watch has stopped working, what should I do?

Either contact us on 02476 011 800, or phone the manufacturer service centre details of which will be in the documents that arrived with your watch. You will be advised on what to do next depending on the type of problem you are having and if the fault is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Please note: If the problem you are experiencing is because the hands have stopped moving or the digital display has faded/appears blank, we recommend having the battery replaced first as there is a strong possibility the battery has gone flat. When we send a watch out we always open the box to make sure it is damage free and the movement is working, however all though batteries generally last 2-3 years depending on model and battery used the watch could have been in storage for several months before you purchased it.

I have accidentally damaged my watch, what should I do?

If you have accidentally damaged your watch or it has become damaged through wear and tear, you will be responsible for all repair costs. We highly recommend you only send your watch to the authorised repair centre which you can usually find in the back of your manufacturer's warranty booklet, or take it to an official high street shop provided they are authorized to repair your brand of watch.