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Finance Plans

We can now offer a instant decision 0% and Classic Credit Finance plans on products over £350.00 (Incl. VAT) not marked as on sale from V12 Finance, the available plans are as follows:

0% Finance Plans

  • 0% Finance over 6 months*
  • 0% Finance over 9 months*
  • 0% Finance over 12 months*
  • 0% Finance over 24 months*

Example Order For 0% Interest Plan Over 12 Months

  • Order Total: £395.00
  • Customer Deposit: £39.50 (minimum 10%)
  • Loan Amount: £355.50
  • Monthly Payments: £29.63
  • Total Amount Repayable: £395.00 (Including 10% deposit)

Classic Credit Plans

  • Classic Credit 12 months at 15.9% APR*
  • Classic Credit 24 months at 15.9% APR*
  • Classic Credit 36 months at 15.9% APR*
  • Classic Credit 48 months at 15.9% APR*

Example For Classic Credit Finance Over 24 Months

  • Order Total: £395.00
  • Customer Deposit: £39.50 (minimum 10%)
  • Loan Amount: £355.50
  • Monthly Payments: £17.21 (24 months)
  • Total Interest (15.9% APR): £57.54
  • Total Loan Repayable: £452.52 (Including 10% deposit)

Am I Eligible For Finance?

To apply for finance with the British Watch Company you must be over 18 years old, been living in the UK for at least 3 years, be in full time employment (16 hours a week or more) or retired with a monthly income.

Please note: We can only deliver your order to the address used on your Finance Agreement, this address must be the address you live at and you're Bank is registered to.

How Do I Apply For Finance

It couldn't be easier, simply:

1: Click the 'O% Finance' button on a product page (only visible on products over £350.00 Incl. VAT not marked as on sale)
2: On the popup screen that appears select your preferred 'Finance Option' in the drop down menu

3: Type in the amount of deposit you wish to pay if you want to pay a deposit
4: If your happy with your selection simply click the 'Add to Basket' button which will take you to your basket

5: In your basket select your preferred shipping method (Standard or Express)
6: Now click the 'Apply for Finance' button bottom right hand side of the page which will already display the type of finance you are applying for underneath

7: Now fill out your personal details, once you are finished click the 'Proceed To Payment' button
8: Now fill out your payment details, submit your order and a decision will be made shortly after



1: How fast will my application be processed?

Most applications will be processed within seconds of you submitting your application online via our basket area between the hours of 9am and 11pm. It is possible that your application may be referred for further scrutiny by a V12 Finance representative, in this instance you will receive an e-mail once a decision has been made on your application.

2: What do I need to do if my application Is accepted?

V12 Finance will ask you to digitally sign (online) your credit agreement with them, once this has been done we will dispatch your order as soon as possible. If we receive confirmation from V12 that your application was successful and the agreement has been digitally signed before 2:30pm Monday to Friday we will dispatch your order the same working day, if we get confirmation after 2:30pm Monday to Friday your order will be dispatched the next working day.

3: My application was declined, why?

Unfortunately V12 or the British Watch Company will not be able to tell you why your application was declined, many factors can determine if an application is successful or not.

Some factors that could determine if you are successful or not include;

  • Your credit score
  • Any adverse credit history
  • If you are considered to be over committed with your existing loans and agreements
  • Poor history with other lenders

All finance companies will contact one of three credit reference agencies including: Experian, Call Credit and Equifax to determine if you are eligible for finance. You can visit these companies to find out what your credit score is, scores can be different for each Credit Reference Agency. You can also find helpful advise on how Finance companies decide if an application is successful or not, how to keep a good credit score rating and many other helpful tips.

You can also contact the above Credit Reference Agencies to request to see all the information they hold about you, a small fee will be charged and will be different depending on which Credit Reference Agency you contact.

4: Will my item be reserved until my finance application has been processed?

Yes, your item will be reserved for you until a decision has been made by V12 finance on your application.